Come explore with Zeelandia on IBA 2018!

Zierikzee – 16 August 2018. Zeelandia invites bakers to come explore the world of bakery during the IBA 2018 fair. We are proud to present a number of remarkable opportunities for bread and pastry.

Zeelandia helps to create bakery success for both artisan and industrial bakers. Some examples to experience at the all-new Zeelandia exhibit are:



RO fudge 1200x1200 px RGB.jpg

What the Fudge – the fusion between pastry and sweets

Our product developers took fudge, which is usually consumed as a sweet and reworked it into a creamy, thick coating which gives pastry like cake, muffins and donuts a unique structure and fancy appearance. Compared to traditional coatings, fudge better avoids cracking and sticking, even when defrosted.

RO moist 1200x1200 px RGB.jpg

Make the moist of it – adding freshness to bread

Grains and seeds in bread add flavor and texture, but these can drain away the moisture in bread. Zeelandia found a remarkable solution by allowing grain and seeds to infuse in liquid sourdough. The result is our Silkgrain moisturizer, which keeps the bread hydrated and adds delicious bite and texture.

RO crrrssst 1200x1200 px RGB.jpg

The sound of crust – the Zeelandia Crustitest

A crispy crust is an essential sign for consumers to judge the freshness and quality of bread. To help our customers enhance crustiness, our researchers developed a unique testing method to analyze – the Zeelandia Crustitest which measures by force and sound; similar to squeezing bread by hand.


Come explore with Zeelandia on IBA 2018!